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Ramen Party

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

Check out the Ramen Party! A project to introduce preschool kids to food, music and fun! Come meet Mr. Ramen and his charming friends and join the party.

Learn more about the project here and check out their catchy music video.

Here’s my sweet Shoyu package for supporting their indiegogo. An awesome tote bag, signed print and stickers!

Good Earth Winery

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

My friends and I had a beautiful Victoria Day weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake. We went specifically went for the Food Truck Eats event at Peller Estates and it was a blast! Before I get to all of that other fun stuff. I wanted to post about this picturesque winery that was our last stop before we headed home. After dropping into a few wineries (with no restaurants), we wanted to hit up some food. Good Earth Winery was recommended to us by two of the wineries we went to…so it had to be good. What a sweet discovery! Lovely food, service and a man playing soft cover songs on his guitar. What more could you ask for?

Good Earth Winery has also started dinner hours so very exciting stuff.


Aaaaaand they have cooking classes! Plus, a little shed with homemade preserves etc: with a sign like this…

Please do make it a point to drop in to Good Earth Winery  if you get a chance! ~yy


Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Montreal, so much yum. Montreal, you froze my bum.
That pretty much sums up the last few days. Although lots of shops and restaurants were still closed for the holidays, we endured the face-slapping freeze and still managed to find many delicious things. Thanks to S & B for the fun little trip.

For the foodies, here’s where we went:

Marché De La Villette for the french onion soup and tourtiere. La Banquise for poutine. Reservoir for lunch, I had the beef…it was delicious! Drawn and Quarterly for the books and comics. Montreal Museum of Fine Art for the art…it’s free at the moment! Schwartz’s for the smoked meat. Au Pied de Cochon for simply loveliness – Duck in a Can, Foie Gras and Boudin (blood sausage) tart, Magret Canard (more duck). St. Viateur for the bagels. Shezelles to sleep.

In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita

Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Been away from the sweatshop all summer and now it’s time to get back into the swing of things while Yvo’s enjoying some time away too.

Earlier in August, Yvo booked us to see a taping of a new CBC cooking show: In the Kitchen with Stefano Faita that will begin airing on Sept. 19th. It was quite interesting to be part of a live studio audience and watch how a show is put together. Stefano is energetic and charming, and I hope his show does really well. He showed us how to make “One-Pot Meals” . A tilapia dish, a thai stir-fry and pot au feu (pot upon a fire), a traditional Quebecois beef stew.

We got a taste of the pot au feu afterwards and it was very good. It would hit the spot on a cold day with some bread to sop up the juices.

**Update: Oooo…the show has aired! Check it out here **

We also won a hockey game during a lull in the taping when they handed out some prizes. They called for the most interesting food item in your bag and I had a bottle of Protos wine all the way from Spain that I was handing back to Sophia that day. Viva Espana! and good luck to Stefano on the new show!

Soph and I also went to MEC to look for something and we saw Michael Sheen shopping too. haha…”future-husband Wesley”! What a day!

~ Lurgs

LoBstER roooooollll

Friday, August 5th, 2011

So it’s been forever since our last post. Lurgs is traveling so that’s her excuse. I don’t have one…except I’m really lacking in inspiration lately. Anyhow, just wanted to blog about this really tasty lobster joint called….Lobster Joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Every time I visit my sister, I have to have a lobster roll. Luckily my fish allergy does not extend to crustaceans and what would I do without lobster?! Sue brought me to this place last month and I can’t wait to go again! It’s the biz.

They’re not skimpy on the lobster meat and it’s not over-mayonaissed. Fries were good too but you can always opt for a salad instead which was yum as well. You can have your lobster in other ways too…soup, salad, or just the old-fashioned way…steamed. They also have other seafood on hand such as oysters and mussels.~yy

WVRST: get your sausage on

Monday, July 11th, 2011

So I’ve been hearing about this place and thought I needed to check it out ASAP because I love me some sausages. Getting there turned out to be a royal pain in the ass because there was so much construction going on downtown and part of King St. was closed down for a movie production…ANYHOW, summer is construction season, so if you can, take TTC peeps.

You can’t miss WVRST with its bright red signs outside the black building. Upon entering, I was impressed by their open space; with communal tables and benches and a bar at one end. What I loved most was the subway style wall on one end and the string of lights throughout the ceiling that gave it a kind of festive/celebratory vibe. We went around lunchtime and it was surprisingly kind of empty. But I suspect they do most of their business at night.

I ordered the duck sausage with caramelized onions and sweet peppers, while Jeff got the venison (he wanted kangaroo but they were out!) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers. We also ordered a pint of Beau’s and Grand River and shared some duck fat fries. As you can see from the pic, my bun was pretty burnt…way more than I liked…but aside from that, I really enjoyed the sausage! Was very filling (as you would imagine a rich meat like duck would be)…and I tried a bit of Jeff’s venison which was delish! The fries were pretty tasty and you get 2 dipping sauces. We got the WVRST spicy and the maple/rosemary for a bit of sweet. The maple/rosemary was too oily and I would not get it again.

Since we ordered game meat, it was a couple of dollars more than the “regular” sausages but totally worth it I think. Our bill was $44 before tip. I’ve read some mixed reviews referring to the price…but I mean this isn’t your street meat sausage stand! I think the beer list is pretty extensive and for the most part comparable to other restaurants’ prices (though if I can get Hitachino Nest for $3.50 at the LCBO, I think I’ll pass on the $6.50 mark up).

And personally, I think it’s nice to tip them in the jar at the front (which was sadly pretty empty). There are people who come out and serve you your food, clean up, and ask how the food is…so don’t let the ordering cafeteria style be your excuse for skimping on tipping! I’m definitely coming again, beer and sausage, you can’t go wrong. ~yy

p.s. WVRST you need to add cheese to your toppings. CHEESE PLEASE!



Monday, May 23rd, 2011

YY held a tapas party/try-outs for her iron chef team. We all helped in a flurry of chopped parsley, beaten eggs, garlic, all being ground and mixed and fried. With healthy servings of wine and sangria helping us along, surviving a small fire and a large potato frittata flip, everything was delish!


YY got the recipes from this book. All the ones we tried were quite good.


Chick peas & Chorizo


Potato Frittata


So much tastiness!!

Altogether we had 7 dishes: 1. Eggplant & bell pepper dip, 2. Chick Peas & Chorizo, 3. Baby potatoes with Aioli, 4. Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms, 5. Meatballs in almond sauce, 6. Potato Frittata, 7. Zucchini fritters with pine nut dipping sauce

My favourites were the meatballs with the almond sauce, followed closely by the zucchini fritters with pine nut sauce (itching to make more of that pine nut sauce, yum!) Looking forward to another tapas night where we can try out more recipes. ~Lurgs

This was so much fun to do! The baby potatoes and aioli were only ok for me…trying to figure out how I can make them tastier next time. It’s such a simple dish! I couldn’t have done it without my sous chefs. It was an ambitious night. Whatta a team :) Many thanks! Oh and I tried the sautéed chicken with garlic the next day and turned out pretty decent. Round #2, here we come! ~YY


Friday, February 18th, 2011

What do you do on one of the first warm days after a blistering winter? Fro-yo, yo! Had my first taste of Menchies self-serve frozen yogurt bar at 511 Bloor St. W. (2 blks east of Bathurst). This candy-coloured place of happiness was just perfect for dessert!

Indeed, let the YUMM being! This place is great if you want to indulge a little or A LOT!! First you pick up a cup (or choice of waffle cup) and gaze at the wall of flavours. Various flavours are paired up like Chocolate & Vanilla, Strawberry & Mango, Caramel & Frozen Hot Chocolate, etc. and you choose one or the other, or a twist of both.

Then there’s the toppings! A wonderous assortment of chocolates, nuts, candies and fruit. My favourite was the little cubes of mochi (japanese rice cakes).

Then you just pay by the weight (49 cents/oz.)  Didn’t have a chance to snap a pick of my mix (Green Apple Tart, Mango and Strawberry yogurt with mochi and strawberries pieces), but it was refreshing and light. Looking forward to going back to try another mix. There’s another GTA location in Richmond Hill at 9360 Bathurst St. (at Rutherford Rd.).

** Menchies update ** Already went back in the same week. This time I got a shot of my mix. Some caramel, frozen hot chocolate and vanilla yogurt with dark chocolate chips, mochi, crushed candy cane and clodhoppers! The frozen yogurt is more sorbet consistency than creamy, but oh so much fun and still tasty!

Mitzi’s Sister

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Foodhogger was right! Mitzi’s Sister (1554 Queen St. W in Parkdale) was the perfect place for a lazy weekend brunch on a cold, cold winter’s day. Just get a load of my challah french toast with the topping of the day: chocolate and cherries! nom nom nom nom!

M had Mitzi’s famous Oatmeal Buttermilk Pancake, which elicited an “OH MY GAWD!!” of food ecstasy on first bite. See, she wouldn’t let my photography interfere with her food eating.

Also some cool paper cut-out designs on coloured tissue paper hanging in the back. Can’t wait till the weather warms up so we can enjoy the patio.

Check out Foodhogger’s review for more picts.

Shiny Happy People

Friday, December 31st, 2010

One of my super awesome Christmas gifts this year was a cookbook called “Shiny Happy People“. It’s a  collection of Neil Roake’s friends and their recipes. Well, I guess it’s also a lifestyle book then too, because it features little interview type questions on the friends and beautiful pictures of not only their dishes but their homes. I mean it’s a ridiculously gorgeous book. I feel quite spoiled just flipping through the pages! As a fun little bonus, there are mini random tidbits of information peppered throughout the book, tucked away in the corners. There is also a couple of pages at the end just dedicated to that. Like did you know the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth is called arachibutyrophobia?

After just going through a few pages of this book, I’m itching to go to South Africa. The pictures are just breathtaking and I can’t wait to try the recipes. Squid ink and prawn ravioli anyone? This book is hard to find. We came across it at Anthropologie. So if you come across a copy, seriously snap it up and relish in Neil’s world. You’ll be feeling spoiled too. Guaranteed.  ~YY