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PS I Heart You and Cunning & Crafty at the Parkdale Bazaar!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011

Yes, the sweatshop is humming with activity. PS I Heart You and Cunning & Crafty will be sharing a table at the Parkdale Bazaar on Sat. June 25th, from 11am – 5pm. So if you’re in the Toronto area, come by and say hi!

This is the first time YY and I will be participating in a sale together so we’re very excited! So come see what we have in stock in person. We’ll have lovely jewelery and accessories, buttons, magnets, greeting cards, and various sewn goods.

The Parkdale Bazaar will be located at the Parkdale Town Square at the corner of Queen St. W & Cowan Ave.

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Thinking of Japan

Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

It’s been over a month since the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan and the news is slowly fading, but there is still much help needed in the rebuilding process. In a small way to put our crafting to service, PS I Heart You and Cunning& Crafty are donating all proceeds from some of our pieces to relief efforts for Japan.

Sales from “Heart Japan” buttons from C&C will be going to the Canadian Red Cross for Japan, and sales from select necklaces at PS I Heart You will be going to “For Japan With Love” benefiting Shelterbox.

C&C will also be launching an ongoing series of heart stitch buttons with proceeds going to the general fund for the Red Cross.

Sunday Finds

Sunday, April 17th, 2011

Stopped with some friends to pick up some coffee at Grinder on Gerrard. It’s a cosy little cafe with lots of tasty looking treats. Too bad I was already stuffed with a burger from the Great Burger Kitchen down the street, but these cool  animal trophies on the wall caught my eye.

After some googling, I believe they’re from Cardboard Safari, a company in Virginia that sells a variety of laser-cut pieces for assembly from recycled cardboard. Some nice eco-friendly wall art or free-standing sculptures  for any space.

It’s been a temperamental day with sunshine, yet chilly weather, sudden darkness and pelting hail that made my face sting. Just snapped a few shots of some joyful characters near the bridge at Gerrard and Carlaw that brightened the day.

Kim Welling’s Little Monsters

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

There are so many interesting things/people that I want to share! But I am forever slow in the game of life. Apologies for the very basic picture layout but my new laptop is without Photoshop currently so I can’t even experiment with you using my amateur skills.

ALAS. I found this illustrator on the front page of Etsy, well one of her amaaaazing “Instant Comfort Pocket Box” was there and I thought, “this is uber cute!” click. And the following clicks just lead to me developing a major girl crush. Her name is Kim Welling and I want to be her friend. Read her blog and see why. She has an awesome Etsy shop: Kim’s Little Monsters. And I’m having a hard time deciding on the boxes to get! How could you not fall in love with someone who creates such goodies as her?

The Instant Comfort Pocket Box


Portrait pins


cup and saucer "sleeping fox"


PHOTO CREDIT: all photos were taken from KIM WELLING’s Etsy shop.

Brain Slugs

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

I wasn’t even sure what brain slugs were, until I was shown a picture, but when asked to make some parasitic slugs, I said “what the hey! I’ll give it a shot!”. From the world of Futurama, these little suckers attach themselves to human hosts and control their brains.

So off I went to find some pistachio coloured fleece and cheap hairbands from Ardenes. There’s some armature wire in their antennae to keep them perky and a wide loop in the base to slide in a hairband. They turned out pretty good.

It’s brain slug, brain slug, they stare through their one giant eye,
They’re fun for a girl or a guy!

Mr. P and Macaroni (my plush benefactors) wore them on their big trip to Pax East and were the belles of the game-fest extravaganza. Thanks guys for the chance to make your slug dreams come true!

~ Lurgs

Monster Factory

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

YY and I have been fans of Monster Factory for years, seeing them at the One of a Kind Show and the Toronto Outdoor Art Show. They are Toronto-based monster designing dynamos. These awesome plush monsters each have unique characteristics and personalities. You get drawn in by their charms and then get a kick out of reading their accompanying bios. Here are two of our acquaintance:

Here’s Kyle who has “remarkable computational abilities and is a bit of a hypochondriac.”

And Royce, (which I got for YY’s brother, cause if he came from a Monster Factory, he’d be Royce).

I just discovered they made some Monster Factory films too!! What could be better??!?


More videos are available on the Monster Factory website.

Personalized Fonts!

Sunday, January 30th, 2011

Last Sunday was National Handwriting Day, and offered free font making for the day! Simply print their template, write in your own characters, scan and upload your pages and voila! Your own font made of your own handwriting!

After some googling, a friend found that offers free font making all the time! It follows the same process, but doesn’t have as many characters and symbols offered on YourFonts.  So either way, go forth and make fonts! Looking forward to trying to make my own set of wingdings.

City of Craft 2010 edition

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The line before we decided to join it...

The lure of a swag bag couldn’t keep these girls from sleeping in on a Saturday morning…we staked out at Starbucks across the road to scope out the #s before we made our way over. It was hilarious to watch people come into Starbucks and also make their own observations about the lineup and when to lineup. Lurgs could’ve easily been #1! But it really made no difference as long as we were 2 of the 100.

Screen-printed pinwheel design! Love!

Unfortunately with my luck, I did not get one of the lucky random bags with the extra surprises in them that I read on their blog. Boooo! But I love love the sturdy canvas screenprinted bag and am using it right now as I type.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

We spent a good amount of time over at Denture Thief Productions, one of our local favs (see: here). She has new cameo pins with all one of a kind characters. Swoon! No wonder we didn’t make progress beyond her table for a good while. When I have more $ to spare, I’m going to buy one of her embroidered artworks. Love!

Seriously right? THE darling place to be that weekend!

50 vendors had their wares for sale. I love the Theatre Gallery’s set up. There were about 7 vendors when you first walked in from the main street, then you walked into an entrance way leading to the upstairs of the theatre space, where you then went down the stairs to the remaining vendors. Real cozy and intimate handmade haven.

Just to highlight a few of my(our) favs. Bespoke Uprising does beautiful hand printed textile goods. We were in love with her Burlesque teatowels, even more so when she told us she used to work at a Burlesque place so they were a bit of a tribute to that time! I couldn’t think of anybody who would appreciate tea towels with this design, so I’m going to have to eventually buy these for myself. At least she sells them on her Etsy shop so I know it’s not the end of the world that I missed out on buying them.

Beside Herself had these fantastic wooden switchblades that had working parts. Well, obviously couldn’t cut, but the blade came out. The bigger versions had different painted designs, while the necklace ones were smaller and etched. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the necklace versions on hand that day, but I shall get my grubby mitts on of them one day! Etsy shop here.

Petit Flaneur sells hand-crafted children’s products (mobiles, clocks, pins, earrings etc.). Aren’t those wooden tags in the pic below amazing and beautiful? The photos don’t really do them justice. I think these were a hot item that weekend. I snapped up a set for my friend’s newborn. They’re made with non-toxic paint! I also scored a sweet quirky radish pin (her last one)! Such a lovely lady who also had the cutest little helpers that day.

I have been a fan of Pin Pals ever since I saw their sweet goods in a shop in Montreal. I love cross stitch things, so their stuff was right up my alley. Lucky for me and you, they also have an Etsy shop where you can snap up their lovely work. If you’re in Toronto, they also sell their goods at Magic Pony.  The girls at Pin Pals craft all sorts of neat things like cross-stitched earrings, pins, , barrettes, necklaces, buttons, paper puppets with fun characters like “Minou Mondain”, stuffed dolls, cards…Wow! I was really smitten by the dolls. They had the coolest lace stockings designed on them.

My favourite magazine, Frankie, all the ways from Australia, showcased LOCAL talent (yay!) Lee Meszaros‘ amazing merit badges and THIS is how I first heard of her. Then I think the “cat was out of the bag” (hahaha…) and from then on she was in a bit of treasuries and making Etsy FP. Full of idioms, wonderful artwork and careful stitching, these are truly handcrafted items! Now you can actually wear what you are proudly for the world to see. Reward someone you know for “being the best thing since sliced bread” or “making lemons out of lemonade” (amongst many things). Shop here.

It was a fun day out full of cool finds and inspiration. Sorry we couldn’t feature all the fine crafters who were present. Thanks to the City of Craft organizers and their hard work!

~ YY

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays & Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 26th, 2010

The Silver Snail, one of Toronto’s main comic book/action figure/collectibles stores always has an interesting window display and here’s the Christmas window. A family of AT-AT Walkers enjoying their cozy Christmas morning (apologies for the poor photo with the reflections, just doesn’t do it justice). Mom and Dad are a little frazzled, but finding solace in their cups of coffee and the two junior walkers tearing into their gifts. Love the family portrait over the mantel too.

Hope you all are also having a lovely holiday season. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the sweatshop and have a safe and happy new year!

Here’s more AT-AT fun with an awesome film by Patrick Boivin:

Handcrafted Holidays

Saturday, December 25th, 2010

Christmas and the holidays are always a great time to bring out the craftiness to the max. and let the cut & paste shine! I was hit with a cold/flu for a week that knocked me out, so I didn’t get to all the projects I had in mind, but here are a few lovely things that arrived in the mail from some thoughtful craftsters.

The annual cards from Ms. O are always simple, yet thoughtful and elegant. Some black ribbon form the shape of the tree and are attached with just a line of stitches from a sewing machine. Love the different textures and just the easy, casual way the ribbons lie.

This card from A&P is just so delightful to me. I think P has really captured their likeness and spirit in her self-portrait. Also like the simple drawing on white with the wood veneer background. I can imagine them on another usual stroll that turns into a small adventure.

And finally the titan of Christmas cards/packages. This year the theme being “brown paper packages tied up with string….”, Lennartz has outdone himself again with a 2 disc Christmas songs compilation. There’s also an accompanying booklet with a personal message and track listings. All beautifully packaged, ready to rock your Christmas party. And the sheer number that he produces is astounding, yet still not enough for all his fans. So it really is like getting a Willy Wonka Golden ticket and this year I was a Charlie Bucket.

Thanks for all these works of art and the love and effort put into them. You all inspire me in many ways and I wish you all the best for the holidays. Rest up from all your crazy crafting! ~ Lurgs