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Lost and Found

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

I’ve been a big fan of Oliver Jeffers ever since I saw his book Lost and Found. He’s an artist/illustrator from northern Ireland and I just love the simplicity of his drawings which are filled with humour and emotion. Lost and Found is a great story of friendship between a boy and a penguin, and now it’s been made into a film!!

For you lucky Torontonians, Lost and Found will be playing with a series of other shorts in the Sprockets Film Festival for Children (this big kid is attending!) on  April 17th and 18th.

Here’s the trailers. Can’t wait to see these beautiful illustrations in motion.

**ooo… a video of Oliver Jeffers here! He’s lovely!**

~ Lurgs

Mozart Balls!

Friday, March 12th, 2010

My greatest chocolate loss occurred in the summer of 2003. On a whirlwind backpacking trip through Europe with my sister and Soof, we went to Salzburg Austria for a day trip. Salzburg is the birthplace of Mozart and also famed for being the backdrop in various scenes from the Sound of Music film. We doe-a-deered through the Mirabell Gardens and came across confectionery shops with curious foiled balls in the window. Large Mozart cardboard cut-outs beckoned us closer, and I imagined them declaring, “I am Mozart! Eat my balls!” Yes, that doesn’t sound too appetizing, but trust me, for any chocolate connoisseur, you must be introduced to the Mozart Ball.

Known in its native land as the Mozartkugeln, they are balls of bittersweet chocolate with a centre of marzipan and sometimes nougat cream. Not too sweet, but deliciously rich and creamy, they were a wonder for us backpack weary travellers. We continued on our journey and in Geneva, we decided to put them in the fridge at a hostel for a while as this was the summer of a stifling heatwave. The fridge in this hostel was fascinating in itself. Opening the door, we discovered compartments like mailboxes that corresponded to our room key. Great! our Mozart balls would be safe here!

….however, we discovered the next early morning as we rushed to catch a train, the kitchen door was locked and our Mozart Balls trapped within (at least half a bag still!). It was a bitter train ride out of Geneva.

So fast forward to present day, I’m killing time on a stop-over in Frankfurt, absent-mindedly wandering through the duty-free and what’s this?? Familiar gold foiled balls on the shelf…why it is!…hello Mozart!

This version is even more decadent than the first ones we tried with 4 layers of goodness. Here we have a rich dark chocolate shell, followed by a layer of light praline cream, then dark praline cream and a core of marzipan with pistachio nuts. This is craftsmanship. Well done confectioners of Salzburg! Bravo!

~ Lurgs

Everybody’s a winner at WINNERS

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I was away for awhile. I went to Melbourne, Australia. It was great there. I want to go back again soon, live there for a bit. The shopping was great too, however, just a tad bit expensive for the some of the things I liked! Anyway, I’m rambling…basically I’m trying to say that being away made me avoid this addiction I have. This addiction called WINNERS. WINNERS is the kind of lucky dip that is worth it…you’ll always come out with something that is a) a bargain, b) one of a few or c) both. Granted, WINNERS isn’t for everyone.  It can be too overwhelming with its abundance of things. Housewares, children’s, men’s, women’s, intimates, jewelry. There is something for everyone. And if you don’t look carefully, you might get scooped by someone else or just miss something altogether. Also, you need time. WINNERS isn’t a drive-by shopping excursion. You need ample time to enjoy the experience.

I have my favourite locations. The Laird one is great for bags and shoes. But the College one could make me go into debt forever. I pray that I never end up working around that location. I spent so much time there yesterday that I crossed over lunchtime and the line was INSANE. Yet fast and efficient. Oh yes, the College WINNERS’ crew knows how to work the lunch rush.

Seriously, I’m pinching pennies right now and I had no business being in there. Knowing how little self-control I have, knowing that I have this addiction, I rationalized to myself like a proper addict. “But I’m RIGHT in the area and it’s so rare that I actually go to the College location (knowing how dangerously tempting it is but also that it’s not the most convenient location)”. I convinced myself successfully. But the worst was that it was all premeditated. I KNEW I was going to be in the area the night before & I actually planned it so that I had enough time to look around before my next appointment. Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.

Soooo…just wanted to share some pics of things I liked.


Tea Party!

Monday, March 8th, 2010

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending a delightful tea party/baby shower for my cousin-in-law. The theme was Alice in Wonderland and my cousins Cat & Liz, along with the soon-to-be grannies outdid themselves in the decor and festivities.

Check out this spread: Delicious scones, cookies, assorted pastries, and heart shaped sandwiches!

And of course a tea party needs tea cups! This is Aunt P’s beautiful collection of tea cups that she brought out for this special occasion.

Thanks to everyone for a great time (especially for the flurry of pink feather dusting competitiveness)! Congratulations and all the best to Tara and Mike and the special someone who will be entering your lives very soon. Can’t wait!

~ Lurgs

lovely package exchange

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

image courtesy of ohhellofriend's flickr

it’s no surprise being a lover of all things pretty and sweet, that i’m a fan of danni and her blog>

and this time around i’ll be participating in this lovely package exchange that i missed out before (i’m #95!). although the limit of 350 people has been reached, it doesn’t hurt to include your deets, just in case someone backs out or whatnot. it’s funny because while i was at anthropologie today, i kept thinking how many ppl put that in their deets! if i had a $ for every “anthropologie” reference, i would be very $$$$!!

2010 lovely package exchange link

please join me in this packaging adventure as i navigate my way to being a #1 package swap contender! (only meaning that i hope to put together the most awesome package ever for my future swap partner).