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Romper Room

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

I love rompers. It functions as a dress because you don’t have to bother with putting together a top and bottom.  Unfortunately when nature calls, instead of simple quick washroom access, you have to be practically naked to go. But all good things comes with a cost, n’est pas?

The other day I debated over buying a romper. Ruffled front, vintage-y flower print, little tie belt. My friend reminded me that it was only wearable for another month…and then she added “but it’s cute”. Well friends, needless to say, I really shouldn’t have. ~yy

Polka Dot Romper


Sound Mixer Romper


Cynthia Steffe Romper


Rory Beca Strapless Romper

Rafaela Jumper by Dolce Vita


Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July 9 – 11th

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is a yearly summer event that takes place at Nathan Phillips Square. It features artists from a variety of disciplines from painting, drawings, print, photography, sculpture, jewelry, glass work, crafts, crazy sock creatures, you name it! I only had a chance this year to quickly run through the square, so here are a few artists that caught my eye. It’s great to discovery all this inspiration and talent.


First thing I was drawn to was this guy sitting proudly by a painting.

This is the work of art collective AT.AW. who “actively promote urban play with DIY mass-produced series of artwork”. I love the textures and patterns in their painted pieces and their Orphans Plush are awesome! I picked myself up one of their cute little Twee Trees figures and felt bad for the ones that had fallen beyond the fence into the construction zone. Hopefully they were all recovered at the end of the show.

AT.AW. will be at the Big On Bloor Festival this weekend and the Queen West Art Crawl at Trinity Bellwoods on Sept. 18 & 19th. Also the Orphans Plush are available at various Toronto locales and soon on their etsy site.

Shannon Gerard

I saw Shannon Gerard’s cacti and thought “how clever!! perfect for the horticulturally challenged”. Not only is Shannon a crochet master, but a wonderful illustrator as you can see from her booklets. She’s also the illustrator for the  graphic novel “Sword of Mouth” and the creator for her own series “Hung”. You can get your own plushtache or another goody at her etsy shop.

Shuyu Lu

The Best in Fibre award this year went to Shuyu Lu. Her use of print and embroidery is very creative and I like her use of a kind of old technique in embroidery and nostalgic imagery combined with a modern aesthetic. The layering of the print and stitching also gives a great feeling of dimension.

Thanks to everyone for allowing me to share their work here! Sorry I couldn’t get to all the great artists featured at the show. ~ Lurgs

Ship O’ Fools

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Another late Luminato post. An interesting sight to see — a salvaged Chinese junk parked on a sea of green in Trinity Bellwoods Park. This was an installation by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller called Ship O’ Fools. Invited into the bowels of the ship, you could see various contraptions whirling and buzzing leaving you with a bit of a eerie feeling.

Ship O’ Fools Video

(I was waiting for that garbage can to start opening and closing but I never caught it.)

Summerlicious wrap-up: Hemispheres & Globe Bistro

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

Another Summerlicious is done and my only regret is that I didn’t go to Pangaea. I heard it was good! So I’ll share some pics on my other experiences. Hemispheres and Globe Bistro.

Hemispheres. Menu (me and my friend split what we had).

App- Serrano ham wrapped grilled asparagus salad with quail egg & raspberry gastrique / shaved fennel, apple & mango salad with pickled onion, spiced hazelnut brittle & vinaigrette

Main- Grilled hanger steak, foie gras poutine, with apple-cranberry cabbage slaw / Lobster & seafood BLT with crab, shrimp & crispy pork belly

Dessert- Banana split and Lindt chocolate ice cream

Pretty whatevs. I could've made this...and better.

Fresh and delicious, just what summer ordered.

Steak was cooked nicely...fries pretty decent.

Deconstructed banana split = pretty yum

Globe Bistro. Menu.  *Just a note. We went here last Summerlicious and it was a horrible service experience. Flash forward one year and we are sitting in the same exact spot with the same waitress and I feel deja vu. I am bracing myself for a repeat. But thankfully, the woman has brushed up her skills in one year and I can enjoy my lunch in peace.

App – Shaved fennel & purple basil cress salad (spiced pistachio, taggiashi olive dust, orange gelée

Main – Seared Cumbrae’s Flank Steak. Duck fat yukon chips, vine ripe tomato, scallion, Triple Crunch aioli

Dessert -Ewenity Crème Fraiche Panna Cotta. Candied lemon zest, wild blueberry soup

The orange gelée plating seems pretentious. The salad itself wasn't as good as Hemispheres

Yes, yum. The bits of scallion made a huge difference. Fresh tomatoes.

The heaviest panna cotta I've ever had. Not that it was was just super rich.

Kudos to Globe Bistro for having non-alcoholic (and tasty) bevvies on their Summerlicious menu!

Overall, decent Summerlicious experience, no regrets. However, no particular wow factors for me. Wow for me is that I’d do the same menu twice during the event. Which means all 3 courses had to performed well. My friend raved about the calamari and panna cotta from Pangaea. She said she would’ve done the menu again! Sigh. Next year. ~yy

Wish Come True

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

A belated post about an awesome Saturday afternoon we had in June at Queen’s Park. Each year Luminato – a 10 day festival of arts and creativity – hits Toronto and there are events and artsy occurrences to be found all over the city.

Frolicking behind the legislative building, we found the Wish Come True Festival. Created by ‘Friends With You’, a Miami based arts collective and making its world premiere debut, we found huge inflated creatures of delight. Stripey, colourful, and with little faces…the characters were common in the Friends With You world. Bouncy rooms for kids housed in a giant mushroom, large inflated figures looming over us all over the park, it was like a psychedelic dream, but what better way to spend a sunny summer afternoon.

Video of Wish Come True Festivities

Our bonus prize was that ‘1000 tastes of Toronto’ was also taking place that weekend on the edge of the park. For $5 a ticket, you could get a sample dish from the multitude of food carts representing some of Toronto’s finest restaurants. Here’s a grilled flatbread wrap with pork belly and wild leek yogurt from the Globe Bistro. It may not look like much here, but it was sure tasty (I could go for one right now — as I reminisce with my lips smackin’).

Feeling the Friends with You love? Then hurry over to Magic Pony to pick up some limited time items!

*Came across some more Wish Come True videos. What? there was a rainbow inside there?? Knew I should’ve pushed through that line of kids :D

Summerlicious at Mildred

Monday, July 12th, 2010

It’s that time of the year again where restaurants whip up set lunch/dinner menus at fixed prices ($15/20/25 – lunch, $25/35/45 – dinner) in a bid to attract customers. It’s Summerlicious! Lurgs has already started off with her attendance at Nyood, so I’ll just continue on from there…

So I haven’t completely given up on Summerlicious. But I truly believe it’s a hit-or-miss. I wonder how restaurants are chosen for it because I’ve seen some menus that leave little to the imagination. I could be wrong but I thought the whole point of Summerlicious was to offer customers a “taste” of what makes the restaurant so great so that in future, you’d be willing to spend the extra $ once the special is over. Well I can definitely tell you from Winterlicious, “Conviction” was a huge disappointment and I will never go back there again. But I digress.

Today we went to Mildred’s and braved the pitter patter of rain out in the patio. I’ve already been to Mildred’s before, so I do know that I like the restaurant.  To start, I had the Lobster Tortilla Soup. I thought it was pretty decent. Tangy, with bits of lobster chunks and avocado, it was served at room temperature. For my main, I had the Chicken Pot Pie with fresh beet salad. I thought it was quite tasty, with a generous portion of chicken and veg, and tasty pastry (my sister wished there was more pastry). However, I thought the broth could’ve been more thicker and I’m not sure where the beets were in my salad. For dessert, I had the Mildred’s Classic Profiteroles with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream. Delish! I think this was my favourite of the three. Oh and also the cheddar biscuits served at the beginning were so flaky and scrumptious!

Overall, for $20, I thought it was well worth it and so did my one sister and brother. Although my other sister would’ve preferred to have spent that money elsewhere. So there you have it. 3 out of 4. ~yy

Cheddar biscuits

Lobster Tortilla Soup

Chicken Pot Pie with Fresh Beet Salad

Mildred’s Classic Profiteroles with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream

Rough and tumble lemon meringue

Summer berry bread pudding

Paul the Octopus at Nyood!

Monday, July 12th, 2010

Not only is Paul the World Cup predicting Octopus good at calling the winning team….but he can get you free shots!

Last night I had a delicious Summerlicious meal at Nyood at Queen & Dovercourt.  With the great summer weather, the front was wide open and it was a cool and spacious spot to lounge and enjoy dinner. I had the Lamb Fougasse Flatbread, Panko Crusted Striploin and the Hazelnut Chocolate Tart, which were all very tasty. I regret not taking picts of these as I was too busy savouring them in my mouth.

The service was both attentive and helpful. When we asked about the results for the Germany – Uruguay match, we also got into a discussion about Paul the Octopus whom one of our servers had not heard about and thought we were joking. He got us the final score and someone set him straight about the octopus, so we were rewarded with delicious shots of Chambord and pineapple juice. In return, we gave him a Paul button. Thanks Nyood!

So Cheers to Paul the Octopus! and Cheers to España for their win today!

~ Lurgs

For Spanish edition buttons, check out cunning&crafty! ¡Viva España!

Picnic days

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


Sarah Lauren Photography

Ok let’s not kid ourselves. With this heatwave, I’d rather be sitting in a dark room with air-con, icy beverage in hand, and preferably moving as little as possible.
That being said, I can’t wait for it to cool down to have a perfect picnic day. Here are some things that I’d like to use for when that day comes…~yy


 Although I’ll match the picnic blanket with this darling dress from the greedy seagull, it’s kind of worth it!


 A lovely picnic hamper to store all our utensils: Jingle Dingle Dangle , which conveniently doubles as a…


 Something to keep our drinks cool: Monichelles


Plates for our yummys: Opustdf


Things to drink out of: Red Comb Vintage


Something to lie on: Islay Makes



Maybe not entirely necessary but cute nonetheless: B. Inspired



Tiny Inventions

Monday, July 5th, 2010

Jobo brought my attention to this delightful short film by Tiny Inventions: “Something Left, Something Taken”

It’s the perfect mash-up of hand-made models, stop-motion animation, plushy hand gestures, puppets! and computer magic. Perhaps one day, I will have the time and space to attempt even an inkling of this great piece.

Read more about the dynamic duo of Ru  Kuwahata and Max Porter behind Tiny Inventions here. Be sure to check out their process behind the film! The amount of work that goes into their films is incredible and makes me want to get my hands dirty again with cardboard and glue.

I also found out that they’re behind the video for They Might Be Giants’ “Electric Car”. Enjoy! ~ Lurgs


I Heart Kat Macleod

Sunday, July 4th, 2010

Have you ever looked at someone’s artwork and just been gobsmacked by it? That’s how I feel about Kat Macleod‘s work. And judging from her growing popularity, I’m not the only one. I blogged about the Michi Girl book called “Like I Give a Frock” awhile back and Kat is the genius behind the drawings/collages. My eyes could not get enough of it. I loved the watercolours and the bits of fabrics she cleverly incorporated into her work. Her work is all about the details and I’m a sucker for details.

The other day, I was reminded about her work and started googling like crazy for something that I could buy with her work on it (besides my fabulous Michi Girl book). I found some pillow cases, a ceramic plate, and some decals.  All of which can be purchased online at Third Drawer Down. I plan to save up so I can actually get a piece of her work from Lamington Drive Gallery. And although I’m not much of a cocktail drinker, I’m thinking about purchasing The Cocktail book that she illustrated. I think I’m I?

Kat is from Melbourne, Australia and she did an interview awhile back with Lucy over at The Design Files. And she sounds like such a sweet and modest girl!  ~yy

See her in action in a video posted by Jacky Winter here.