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TDSB’s Dare to Dance 2011

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

I had the joy of being invited to the finale of Toronto District School Board’s Dare to Dance competition last week. Groups from various highschools put together dance pieces based on a social justice issue. It felt like a real “So you think you can Dance” show with video interviews and even guest judge, Tre Armstrong. It was so fun to watch these hard working, talented dancers in so many different styles. Thanks to all the dancers for putting on a great show and the teachers and administrators that made it possible. It was inspiring to see so much talent and potential bubbling out of that theatre.

Here’s the crew from William Lyon Mackenzie, just one of the awesome crews to perform that night.

Bob’s Burgers

Monday, December 5th, 2011

Give some love to Bob’s Burgers, a little known show that premiered this year. If you’re amused by off-kilter, low-brow humour, as I usually am, the Belcher family is for you! Bob and his wife Linda run a burger shop with their 3 kid: Tina, Gene and Louise. The voice talent is great, especially the amazing Kristen Schaal as bunny-earred Louise. I’ve gone back to watch the episodes again as I wait for season 2.

Here’s a link for episode 1:

For American friends: click here.

For the Canucks: Bob info (tho Global stopped posting!)

Give them a chance! ~ Lurgs