Mystery Plants

I do not have a green thumb. I do not know my plants. Perhaps the last time I tried to coax something into fruition was in grade 3 when you had to grow Lima beans and record it’s progress. Of course they all eventually started to smell funny and had be tossed into the garbage.

My dad, however, has quite taken to growing various flowers and plants, inside and outside.  His placement and potting choices have sometimes been questionable (old lamps jimmy-rigged into plant stands), but there have been some delightful surprises. He has an orchid growing technique where he just soaks the roots in water. His orchids flourish, while others who try this technique fail.

I don’t know what these are (yes, please help me if you can) and when I ask, he just quietly shrugs…I just know someone gave him the red one for Christmas. I just love the structure of this yellow one.

I was wary of this second one that started off looking very phallic and standing a foot and half tall, looming over the other plants. But look at it now! POW POW POW! Giant blooming punches in the face of my doubt.

Plants 1, Lurgs 0

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