The Power of Pictures

I was listening to the BBC last week and heard about the Umuzi Photo Club. The club teaches primary and secondary school students in Johannesburg’s developing communities through workshops led by volunteers. Recently, they had an exhibit to bring attention to the needs of the Diepsloot Township. The youth of the community set out to capture photos of problems in the community that needed to be addressed by the government.

Photo from the Umuzi Photo club website. Photo by Beauty Mokwena showing a burst pipe leaking hazardous material near an area where children are playing.

The Umuzi Photo Club sounds like a great organization that exposes youth to the art of photography, self-expressions, social-consciousness and leadership. Definately check out their website for more photos and info.

It also reminded me of the documentary “Born into Brothels” about a photographer who started a photo club with children in Calcutta’s red-light district. From that experience, her organization Kids with Cameras has expanded to hold workshops in various other cities in the world for underprivileged children. It’s so interesting to see the world through the lens of a different culture and through the eyes of youth.

~ Lurgs

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  1. David Dini says:

    Hey Lurgs – thanks for posting on us. We’re having an exhibition in New York City at the PowerHouse Arena (Brooklyn) on 9 December – if you have followers from NYC, please forward on to them. Thanks!

    see invite here:

    Dave, Founder & Executive Director
    Umuzi Photo Club

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