Crocheted scrubbies

M’s grandma’s neighbour/friend in Korea gave her this cute little hand-made crocheted dish scrub — supposedly a popular craft project in Korea right now. The colour combination is so happy and vibrant that it makes me even happy doing the dishes. I’d love to make some of my own, so I’m on the hunt for this unique material. It looks like a nylon or cotton thread entwined with sparkly mini threads of plastic easter basket grass type of material. Rather than washing your dishes with a wet sweater, this material actually feels good wet. So if anyone knows exactly what this is and where to get it, please let me know!~ Lurgs

Here’s a video on how to crochet rounds with changing colours (lots of video crochet tutorials from Traceyishh):

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  1. wing-me says:

    holy crap. my Korean sponge from Gwacheon is famous.

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