Monster Factory

YY and I have been fans of Monster Factory for years, seeing them at the One of a Kind Show and the Toronto Outdoor Art Show. They are Toronto-based monster designing dynamos. These awesome plush monsters each have unique characteristics and personalities. You get drawn in by their charms and then get a kick out of reading their accompanying bios. Here are two of our acquaintance:

Here’s Kyle who has “remarkable computational abilities and is a bit of a hypochondriac.”

And Royce, (which I got for YY’s brother, cause if he came from a Monster Factory, he’d be Royce).

I just discovered they made some Monster Factory films too!! What could be better??!?


More videos are available on the Monster Factory website.

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  1. Rhya says:

    Hi guys!!! Thanks for this awesome post about our monsters! I love that you have a Royce! He is a very rare monster now!

    Anyways, if you guys are still in Toronto you should totally stop by our studio sometime.

    all the best!

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