Brain Slugs

I wasn’t even sure what brain slugs were, until I was shown a picture, but when asked to make some parasitic slugs, I said “what the hey! I’ll give it a shot!”. From the world of Futurama, these little suckers attach themselves to human hosts and control their brains.

So off I went to find some pistachio coloured fleece and cheap hairbands from Ardenes. There’s some armature wire in their antennae to keep them perky and a wide loop in the base to slide in a hairband. They turned out pretty good.

It’s brain slug, brain slug, they stare through their one giant eye,
They’re fun for a girl or a guy!

Mr. P and Macaroni (my plush benefactors) wore them on their big trip to Pax East and were the belles of the game-fest extravaganza. Thanks guys for the chance to make your slug dreams come true!

~ Lurgs

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3 Responses to “Brain Slugs”

  1. WOWWWWWW!!! AMAZEBALLS LURGS! Love these; so cool! You are truly a talent. Hahaha Mr. P and Macaroni! :)

  2. Mike says:

    These are the best brain slugs ever, my question is are they for sale?

  3. Lurgs & YY says:

    Thanks Mike! So far these are the only 2 brain slugs of this design in existence, but I’m open to negotiation. I’ll email you to discuss. ~ Lurgs

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