YY held a tapas party/try-outs for her iron chef team. We all helped in a flurry of chopped parsley, beaten eggs, garlic, all being ground and mixed and fried. With healthy servings of wine and sangria helping us along, surviving a small fire and a large potato frittata flip, everything was delish!


YY got the recipes from this book. All the ones we tried were quite good.


Chick peas & Chorizo


Potato Frittata


So much tastiness!!

Altogether we had 7 dishes: 1. Eggplant & bell pepper dip, 2. Chick Peas & Chorizo, 3. Baby potatoes with Aioli, 4. Sauteed Garlic Mushrooms, 5. Meatballs in almond sauce, 6. Potato Frittata, 7. Zucchini fritters with pine nut dipping sauce

My favourites were the meatballs with the almond sauce, followed closely by the zucchini fritters with pine nut sauce (itching to make more of that pine nut sauce, yum!) Looking forward to another tapas night where we can try out more recipes. ~Lurgs

This was so much fun to do! The baby potatoes and aioli were only ok for me…trying to figure out how I can make them tastier next time. It’s such a simple dish! I couldn’t have done it without my sous chefs. It was an ambitious night. Whatta a team :) Many thanks! Oh and I tried the sautéed chicken with garlic the next day and turned out pretty decent. Round #2, here we come! ~YY

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  1. foodhogger says:

    wow!!! looks so yummy – I want to make the potato frittat and zucchini fritters and pine nut sauce – I want. Now.

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