The IT Crowd

I saw Bridesmaids a few weeks ago (quite entertaining) and was surprised by a familiar face…Oie! it’s Roy! Roy being Chris O’Dowd’s character from the IT Crowd, a British comedy series about the often overlooked IT department of Reynholm Industries. I’ve only seen the first season, so this prompted me to find the rest of the adventures of Roy, Moss and Jenn.

And now I’m all caught up (not that hard with only 6 episodes per season, and the promise of a 5th to come), I’ve noticed their squalid basement office has gotten a lot cooler with each new season. There’s great stuff in the writing of the show, but now I also feel myself trying to get a better look at the posters and toys hanging about in the background. It’s an absolute where’s Waldo of geekery! Why there’s a Dave Cooper figure on the shelf! And an Ugly Doll! and Roy has an Axe Cop poster!

It’d be great to be able to poke around the office and the sets, and now you sort of can! You can look around the IT basement with this 360 Panoramic. Lots of great art and things to appreciate for the geekily inclined. As G would say, “We’re not hoarders, we’re collectors!”.

Sudden realization…my favourite is Moss from the IT Crowd and I also favour Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords… I have a soft spot for socially-inept men with thick glasses and distinct hair choices. oh man!

~ Lurgs

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