LoBstER roooooollll

So it’s been forever since our last post. Lurgs is traveling so that’s her excuse. I don’t have one…except I’m really lacking in inspiration lately. Anyhow, just wanted to blog about this really tasty lobster joint called….Lobster Joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Every time I visit my sister, I have to have a lobster roll. Luckily my fish allergy does not extend to crustaceans and what would I do without lobster?! Sue brought me to this place last month and I can’t wait to go again! It’s the biz.

They’re not skimpy on the lobster meat and it’s not over-mayonaissed. Fries were good too but you can always opt for a salad instead which was yum as well. You can have your lobster in other ways too…soup, salad, or just the old-fashioned way…steamed. They also have other seafood on hand such as oysters and mussels.~yy

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