Friendship bracelets are the old/new I love you…

image from Jak and Jill

image from Honestly...WTF

Bracelet by Orange is the Sun at Etsy

Seriously, we all did them right? I used to bust out the coloured embroidery thread and work away making these bracelets. I had a book that taught me different designs. It was fun times.

Now we can see them popping up in all sorts of places. I like it. Nostalgic. It can be the pop of colour in your outfit.

Make your own! I really like this DIY by Honestly…wtf.

And remember GIMP cord??? ~yy

Lanyward bracelet from Anthropologie

Lanyward bracelet from Anthropologie



3 Responses to “Friendship bracelets are the old/new I love you…”

  1. photohogger says:

    I loved friendship bracelets!! Back when I thought I was being really creative and crafty :)

  2. Sarah Weaver says:

    This is soo funny! My husband loves wearing these in darker-boy-shades! I have been making them for him since we started dating and actually made one for him a couple weeks ago! How funny!

    Furthermore, my students (middle school aged) have been making the gimp cord bracelets since the beginning of school! I love how Anthropolgie went old school, lol!

  3. Lurgs & YY says:

    so cute that your husband will wear friendship bracelets :). yeah that anthro bracelet makes you kind of want to DIY eh? as much as i love anthro, i’m not spending $40 on a bracelet i can make for $3. :P

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