Like I give a frock

I like pretty things and have wondering eyes, so when I was over at my sister-in-law’s one night, I spied a very nice looking book and naturally, I started flipping through it. I COULDN’T STOP READING IT. I laughed out loud at many parts, my eyes got big at the beautiful pictures, and I kept saying “I’m going to buy this”. This book is so good, it made me almost anti-social. You see, I was over for a games night, and I placed the book conveniently by my side so I could go through it when it wasn’t my turn. I know, right? That’s a bit wrong.

Well, as you can see, since I put the picture first, the book is called “Like I Give a Frock”. The fabulous imaginary friend brought to life by Chloe Quigley and Daniel Pollock and beautifully illustrated¬† by Kat Macleod. Michi is quite the character, full of helpful little tidbits and opinions. She says some pretty funny stuff, mainly about fashion, sometimes about the weather.¬† And although I don’t necessarily share all her likes and dislikes, I do see the truth in what she’s offering. She also has a lovely website here.

I think the best thing about Michi is that she appreciates fashion but also questions & pokes fun at it. Which, in my opinion, is what it should be all about!

I just love how this book is laid out into the 4 seasons. And in addition to the amazing drawings, there’s also some crafty collage, mixed media bits that make it so eye-candy-wonderful that as I’m typing this, I’ve paused,¬† flipped through it, then kind of “ooh’d and aah’d” in my head. This book is really a sexy and pretty piece of art. Back and front is printed onto this cloth-like material that really suits the aesthetic of the book.

There are too many favourite bits for me in this book. But here’s a couple that I enjoy:

“There’s no such thing as the ‘new black'” – Darth Vader

to blouse. verb. The act of trying on clothes that you have absolutely no intention (or means) of purchasing; ‘I’d love to purchase this beautiful Miu Miu top but unfortunately I left my car in my car, which is currently on my boat. So today I’m just blousing thank you.’ “

Word on the street is, you can get this at Anthropologie. But I just got mine on good ol’ Amazon. Please support this wonderful book!


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