My love affair of Falconwright began back in the winter edition of City of Craft 2011, when I hemmed and hawed over a xmas gift for my friend, finally settling on a hot pink zig zag and cream change purse. Then a month later, I came across their website somehow and it was game over.

Sandi (Deadweight) and Danielle (Caboto) are talented in their own right, so combining their skills together was kind of a game-changer. And on top of it all, they are friendly ladies.

My obsession is warranted. I love prints, colours, and pouches. And these ladies serve it up in spades. I’ve bought 6 so far. 2 gifts for others. and 4 for me! I’ve also managed to spread the love to my friends and family. C’mon, you know you want one! Shop here.

They are getting lots of blog love and so here’s mine… ~yy

*all photos from Falconwright



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