Stationery stores collection: kikki.K

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, nine years ago by Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K is a Swedish fashion stationery that has stores all over Australia with shops also in New Zealand and one in Singapore. I’ve been to Australia three times, but it was only my third and most recent trip that I actually stepped in and browsed around the store. Well I’m glad I did. Being a lover of stationary, I was hooked! How can you not love Swedish design? There’s something about it that is colourful, classic, and very special. kikki.K is all about the collections. Each comes and goes, so it’s really important to grab what you like while you can! There’s always a new design of something that is holiday-inspired (i.e, Valentine’s Day, Christmas) or just…inspired.

Here are just a few items that I enjoy. I hope that you check out the shop all you stationery lovers! It will surely be on your go-to list when you head over to the Asia-Pacific next :)


Wooden Magnetic Pegs (5 Pk): Host $9.95AUD

Canvas Pencil Case: Host $14.95AUD

Canvas Tote Bag: Love Mail, $9.95AUD

DIY Sticker Book: Love Mail, $19.95AUD

Sticky Tape (3 Pk): Cykel, &6.95AUD

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