DIY: airmail envelope card

My dad was a Canada Post mailman for 19 + years. He retired last fall and as part of his retirement gift, me and my siblings paid for his plane ticket to China. Since he’s there now, I only made him his retirement card recently, even though he retired awhile back. Just wanted to share it as I’m pretty proud of it. And I had fun doing it! I probably didn’t go about it the most efficient way, as it took me 1.5 hours to cut/paste the little bits of blue and red stripes. I love mixed collage and all sorts of stuff, so I used blue bristol board and red ribbon for the airmail stripes. The base is just a big white bristol board that I cut out into an envelope style.

I also made a fake cheque and put it in the card and we tried to convince my dad he could bring it to the bank :)


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