The Moustache Effect

There’s something about moustaches…Probably a year or so ago, there was this moustache necklace trend…but it didn’t seem to “blow up”. And what I mean by blow up, is seeing knock offs in chain stores. Or maybe it did, and I didn’t pay attention. I try not to think about Lindsey Lohan having a moustache necklace. Anyway, I like moustaches. Here are a collection of items that caught my eye. Enjoy.


P.S. For all those owl/deer haters. I can understand why you might not like moustaches because of their oversatuation…but I didn’t do this post to try to jump on the “trend” wagon…I just think they’re funny. So haha.

Tangible Worldwide's framed art

Paisley Magic's Retro Moustache tote

Paisley Magic's Retro Moustache tote

Uptown Avenue's Upcycled Modern Stacking Mustache Espresso Mugs

Avril Loreti's Moustache Hankies

Melanie Favreau's just under your nose...moustache necklace

Idle Hands Designs' whimsical moustache ring

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One Response to “The Moustache Effect”

  1. Smita says:

    These are great! I didn’t know about the stache trend!

    My grandpa and his brothers had mustaches like that :)

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