More pics of Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair

Apologies for the late pics, navigating through Photoshop is kind of tough. But having fun with it now. I only use about 5 of the hundreds of tools. Works right? Enjoy the pics! I’ve tried to remember and include links to items I took pics with…for those I missed, I apologize, but please let me know so I can link!

I noticed that lots of people used bunting to decorate their booths/tents. It was bunt-tastic!


1) Buttons: ? 2) Posters: Strawberry Luna, 3) Clocks: Urban Posture, 4) Stuffies: ?,  5) This letter writing service looked interesting! 6) Prints: Sycamore Street Press



1) Necklaces: Cursive design, 2) Wood designs: Enormous Champion, 3) Superhero outfits: Little Hero Capes



1) Cross-stitch: Chez Sucre Chez, 2) Jewelry: Skylark Studio



1) & 2) Plushkill: Cherrybox Studios, 3) T-shirts: Gnome Enterprises, 4) Pencils: Paper Pastries, 5) Chalkboard bunting: ?, 6) Life as usual in the middle of the Renegade, 7) & 8 Stuffies etc: Kate Durkin, 9) Wooden apples: Miss Natalie



1), 2), & 3) Handpainted Russian dolls: {and my favourite the Luchador ones!} BoBo BaBushka, 4) The band, 5) & 6) Mushroom topiaries: Life With Tigers, 7) Around, 8 & 9) Stationary, plush, totes: Allison Cole



Since Etsy was one of the sponsors, it had a booth giving away lovely buttons of buttons and letterpress cards. They also held a raffle.

Now I never win anything, so imagine my surprise when I got an email from Simone over at Etsy saying I won a raffle!!! It totally made my week.

Check out my spoils:


I hope you found some new shops to love. I know I have! Until next time…yy



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4 Responses to “More pics of Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair”

  1. Irene says:

    What a fun website! I saw you guys setting up at Ren but didn’t get a chance to come round and say hello…too busy making sure my wares didn’t fly off! Thank you for introducing a few new places to shop!

  2. eef says:

    Wow! I wish I could have gone!

    Hey, do you know if/where you can buy that ich liebe etsy t-shirt? I used to live in the german alps and i love etsy, so i totally want one!

  3. Lurgs & YY says:

    irene: i love your dolls! thanks for checking out the blog!
    eef: you can get the shirt from here: looks like they’re sold out at the moment…you can send them a msg though about it! also don’t forget that renegade is in san francisco, los angeles, chicago, and austin too! do you live near any of those places?

  4. Thanks for the awesome recap!! We had an amazing time in Brooklyn. Make sure to check in with our blog for our recap of the weekend.

    Happy Summer!!
    -The Renegade Team

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