Metric in Toronto

Metric had a free concert here in Toronto last week right outside Union Station. As it was a long day at work, I only meandered over in time to catch the last song. Though Metric is a great band, I’m kind of glad I wasn’t caught in the middle of the crowd especially in the humidity that we’ve been experiencing. Even approaching the edge of the audience to snap this picture was like entering a sauna.

I first got acquainted with Metric with “Combat Baby” blasting through my headphones during late nights at the computer lab.  They’ve come a long way and keep getting better I think.

Here’s an interview with Emily Haines and a piano version of “Help, I’m Alive!”.  It’s a testament to a great song that can be just as powerful stripped down to the bare essentials as it is in full on kickass band version.  Also, it’s comforting to know that even the talented and successful struggle with direction and creativity.  It speaks to my own stage in life and a lot of other people I know too, who are searching and on the brink of making some decisions to shake things up in their lives. Maybe it’s time to book a flight to Buenos Aires!

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  1. Lurgs says:

    Ya, thought I’d make a detour on my way home just to check it out. And then I bought myself a mint aero bar :D

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