June 3rd, 2012

My love affair of Falconwright began back in the winter edition of City of Craft 2011, when I hemmed and hawed over a xmas gift for my friend, finally settling on a hot pink zig zag and cream change purse. Then a month later, I came across their website somehow and it was game over.

Sandi (Deadweight) and Danielle (Caboto) are talented in their own right, so combining their skills together was kind of a game-changer. And on top of it all, they are friendly ladies.

My obsession is warranted. I love prints, colours, and pouches. And these ladies serve it up in spades. I’ve bought 6 so far. 2 gifts for others. and 4 for me! I’ve also managed to spread the love to my friends and family. C’mon, you know you want one! Shop here.

They are getting lots of blog love and so here’s mine… ~yy

*all photos from Falconwright



Good Earth Winery

June 3rd, 2012

My friends and I had a beautiful Victoria Day weekend at Niagara-on-the-Lake. We went specifically went for the Food Truck Eats event at Peller Estates and it was a blast! Before I get to all of that other fun stuff. I wanted to post about this picturesque winery that was our last stop before we headed home. After dropping into a few wineries (with no restaurants), we wanted to hit up some food. Good Earth Winery was recommended to us by two of the wineries we went to…so it had to be good. What a sweet discovery! Lovely food, service and a man playing soft cover songs on his guitar. What more could you ask for?

Good Earth Winery has also started dinner hours so very exciting stuff.


Aaaaaand they have cooking classes! Plus, a little shed with homemade preserves etc: with a sign like this…

Please do make it a point to drop in to Good Earth Winery  if you get a chance! ~yy

BBC’s Sherlock

March 12th, 2012

I just finished watching Series 1 of BBC’s Sherlock series, a modernization of Sherlock Holmes. Only 3 episodes per season, but 1.5 hrs. long each, it’s still not enough. More Sherlock! Itching to get my hands on the Series 2 DVDs. Aside from the brilliant crime solving and Holmes-Watson comradery, there is some beautiful wallpaper. I’d love to live in 221B Baker Street, though rooming with Sherlock…hmmm…”You make the tea! I made the tea last time! and move your magnifying glass!”.

The main sitting room wallpaper is from Zoffany called Navarre. The Finches also caught my eye in the front hallway. It’s a print by Sanderson.

Above:  ‘Dandelion Clocks’ also from Sanderson.

Holmes and Watson investigating murder, with a lovely tree print in the background.

TGS Tote Bag

January 20th, 2012

I’m so happy 30 Rock is back on the air and I quite like Liz Lemon’s TGS tote bag. Just saying, NBC, it could make a few bucks. Better than the stuff you have in the shop now…I mean who uses mouse pads anymore?

~ Lurgs

Red Snow and Kim’s Convenience

January 17th, 2012

I had the chance to see 2 great plays this week, both of Asian origin and on the themes of family, history, forgiveness and love.

Red Snow by Diana Tso is the haunting story of Isabel as she journeys to find what happened to her family during the holocaust in Nanjing during WWII. The play brings to light this horrible event in history, that is often overlooked, and the need for forgiveness and reconciliation.  You can see it at Theatre Passe Muraille till Jan. 28th. For show schedule check here.

Kim’s Convenience by Ins Choi, is the funny and touching story of the Kim family and their Convenience Store in Regent Park. I could identify with a lot of the feelings of growing up in an immigrant family. Kim’s Convenience plays at the Young Centre in the Distillery District till Feb. 11th. Click here for schedule.

Knowing Diana and following her updates, and actually having been to one of the readings for the fu-Gen playwriting unit where a few scenes from Kim’s Convenience were performed many years ago  (though I don’t remember much), it’s so great to see the fruition of all their time and effort. Congratulations to both on their inspiring work!

** I also really enjoy the illustrations Brian Rea in the Soul Pepper program, like the one above for Kim’s Convenience. Check out his work here.


January 8th, 2012

Montreal, so much yum. Montreal, you froze my bum.
That pretty much sums up the last few days. Although lots of shops and restaurants were still closed for the holidays, we endured the face-slapping freeze and still managed to find many delicious things. Thanks to S & B for the fun little trip.

For the foodies, here’s where we went:

Marché De La Villette for the french onion soup and tourtiere. La Banquise for poutine. Reservoir for lunch, I had the beef…it was delicious! Drawn and Quarterly for the books and comics. Montreal Museum of Fine Art for the art…it’s free at the moment! Schwartz’s for the smoked meat. Au Pied de Cochon for simply loveliness – Duck in a Can, Foie Gras and Boudin (blood sausage) tart, Magret Canard (more duck). St. Viateur for the bagels. Shezelles to sleep.

TDSB’s Dare to Dance 2011

December 14th, 2011

I had the joy of being invited to the finale of Toronto District School Board’s Dare to Dance competition last week. Groups from various highschools put together dance pieces based on a social justice issue. It felt like a real “So you think you can Dance” show with video interviews and even guest judge, Tre Armstrong. It was so fun to watch these hard working, talented dancers in so many different styles. Thanks to all the dancers for putting on a great show and the teachers and administrators that made it possible. It was inspiring to see so much talent and potential bubbling out of that theatre.

Here’s the crew from William Lyon Mackenzie, just one of the awesome crews to perform that night.

Bob’s Burgers

December 5th, 2011

Give some love to Bob’s Burgers, a little known show that premiered this year. If you’re amused by off-kilter, low-brow humour, as I usually am, the Belcher family is for you! Bob and his wife Linda run a burger shop with their 3 kid: Tina, Gene and Louise. The voice talent is great, especially the amazing Kristen Schaal as bunny-earred Louise. I’ve gone back to watch the episodes again as I wait for season 2.

Here’s a link for episode 1: http://s7icky.com/tv-shows/bobs-burgers-season-1-episode-1/

For American friends: click here.

For the Canucks: Bob info (tho Global stopped posting videos..boo!)

Give them a chance! ~ Lurgs

The Chinks and the Kooks!

November 25th, 2011

(It’s ok, cause I said it)

Back from the motherland and went for a delicious dinner at the new Pizzeria Libretto now at Danforth and Carlaw with Yvo, Soph, Sue and Sebadoo. So good after a month in China and the last few nights of “I dream of pizza”. Then it was off to see the Kooks with Yvo. We witnessed some “unnecessary roughness” at the doors with an inebriated patron, but we don’t know what happened beforehand, so we don’t know the full story. She was carried off the premises by the scruff of her hoodie.

Why are Kooks fans so tall? If I bounced around a bit, I could see Luke’s curly little head. Anyways, they sounded good live and entertained the horde. It was amusing watching the superfans sing along emphatically and fist pump the air at key moments. We felt a little old in the all ages crowd…Yvo screeching, “my eyes!! my eyes!!” with the flashing stage lights, but it was fun boucing to the music and then it was time for these old knees to hit the road. Well done boys, a nice night out!

Pinhole Sky

October 11th, 2011

So every time this song comes up on my playlist, I fancy myself taking a little road trip along the country or lying lazily in a hammock. What am I talking about? Only a sweet little ditty from Nate Kreiswirth. And not only is it FREE to download. But Honda will donate $1 to Safe Kids Canada for every download. Just click on “Download to donate”. You’re welcome.

Go here now to download and donate!