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Granny chic

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I find as I get older, my aesthetics change according to the influences in my life. I’m sure it’s the same with everybody as it’s a part of us growing and evolving as people. Although my tastes can vary somewhat, I do tend to lean towards the “Anthropologie” side of things. Which leads me to doilies. To be honest, a couple of years ago, I never thought much of doilies. Or its creative potential. But doilies are crafty and quite frankly, pretty girly. It’s a look that we’re seeing more of, even a year later, when it first slowly started its comeback. You see doily patterns printed on cups, imprinted on pottery, on jewelry designs, among many other things. As an accent here and there, I think it definitely adds dimension in rooms with their holey and intricate patterns.  As an applique, it’s really lovely. The last time I used a doily was in grade school when I glued layered heart doilies onto my manila Valentine’s Day envelope. Ah, memories! ~yy















Spaces and Places: Old Montreal’s CLUNY

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010


In old Montreal, there’s this really cool artbar/cafeteria called Cluny. My friend Sue brought me there and luckily it was still open!…but pretty much empty…most likely due to the time of day we went in. Unfortunately, because of that they were finished serving hot food and only had sandwiches/paninis and soups left. So I got a chicken hawaiian sandwich and she got the soup and basil/tomato/mozzo panini. My sandwich was alright, although I think the cheese they used in it was a bit too rich for the thick slice of chicken breast that was in there. The vegetable pureé soup was yummy though and had a hint of spicyness to it (hello, jalapeno).



I love the industrial space. When you walk in, you are greeted by a large photo of a black pug (the mascot and namesake for the place). Exposed brick walls, metal chairs, long communal tables, and a long line of hooks for hanging are just some of the decor you can expect. Customers can pick up their cafeteria tray by the entrance and choose drinks and order food as they move along the counter. They have a varied wine list, that ranges from a $9,95 bottle to a $139 bottle. It’s all pretty much open space, with only the counter separating where the food is prepared and the seating areas. I felt sorry for the workers though because even though they had some high-powered fans going on in there, it was HOT.







Cool herb garden outside


Wouldn’t it be cool to book the space out for a party?? It’s possible! See here. ~yy


Denture Thief Productions

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

YY: Lurgs scored us some complimentary tickets for the One of a Kind Spring Show at the Direct Energy building so we figured we’d go and check it out and I immediately thought: blog! opportunity. I’m not really in the market for anything, particularly at the OOAK show where it’s notorious for breaking the wallet. However, it’s always nice to look around and find inspiring ideas! We made our way from end to end, marking off any designers we liked so we could visit them again. One particular “rising star” caught our eye at her little booth.

Denture Thief Productions starring Amanda Ho!

She had a very nice helper (and great salesman), Jay, who had loads of sweet things to say about the artist. I’m a big sucker for embroidery. And tweed/herringbone. And skulls! So combined altogether = LOVE! Also, great colour combinations.

Lurgs: Amanda Ho’s work was definitely one of the high-lights of the show for us. Check out these detailed embroidered pieces. The pillow (above) was exquisite, but just for display as it took her a week to complete!

The embroidery carries on to some of her stuffed dolls. Just love the texture and design of these monkeys and bats.

Lurgs: We both scored skull pins and a stuffed doll each! Mine (hairy in underwear) is sitting at my desk as we speak. He makes me happy every day and all who pass wish that they too, have an underweared creature to hang out with.

YY: I love my skull pin! My stuffed doll (the embroidered “oney” because he’s a bunny shaped as a one) is on my bed.

Lurgs: Her attention to detail even carries into the bags we carried our loot away with!

We totally recommend Denture Thief and as you can see, we’re huge fans! After all, we did go back to the booth THREE times during our OOAK adventure. You can read more about her work here. If you would like more information please contact Amanda at: She’s very laidback and sweet!


Monday, March 29th, 2010

I have been fortunate enough to live in Japan for a little while. And if there’s something that the Japanese do well besides technology, it’s aesthetics and design.

MUJI has everything. Their philosophy is simplicity that focuses on functional design, infusing a complexity that transcends on a global scale. You can read about their history on their website but there’s also this beautiful book by Chen Jiaojiao about the MUJI brand.

MUJI has really gained momentum over the last few years overseas with stores opening in the States, the UK, Europe, and other parts of Asia. I think the Japanese realized they couldn’t keep such a good thing to themselves for that much longer!


P.S. I stocked up on their pens that 4 years after, I’m still trying to get through them!

MUJI book

MUJI coloured pencils: $24.95US

City in a bag (New York): $14US

Cardboard speakers (Kraft): $38US

Aluminum Low Table Wagon – Small: $111.50US