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Kim Welling’s Little Monsters

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

There are so many interesting things/people that I want to share! But I am forever slow in the game of life. Apologies for the very basic picture layout but my new laptop is without Photoshop currently so I can’t even experiment with you using my amateur skills.

ALAS. I found this illustrator on the front page of Etsy, well one of her amaaaazing “Instant Comfort Pocket Box” was there and I thought, “this is uber cute!” click. And the following clicks just lead to me developing a major girl crush. Her name is Kim Welling and I want to be her friend. Read her blog and see why. She has an awesome Etsy shop: Kim’s Little Monsters. And I’m having a hard time deciding on the boxes to get! How could you not fall in love with someone who creates such goodies as her?

The Instant Comfort Pocket Box


Portrait pins


cup and saucer "sleeping fox"


PHOTO CREDIT: all photos were taken from KIM WELLING’s Etsy shop.

City of Craft 2010 edition

Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

The line before we decided to join it...

The lure of a swag bag couldn’t keep these girls from sleeping in on a Saturday morning…we staked out at Starbucks across the road to scope out the #s before we made our way over. It was hilarious to watch people come into Starbucks and also make their own observations about the lineup and when to lineup. Lurgs could’ve easily been #1! But it really made no difference as long as we were 2 of the 100.

Screen-printed pinwheel design! Love!

Unfortunately with my luck, I did not get one of the lucky random bags with the extra surprises in them that I read on their blog. Boooo! But I love love the sturdy canvas screenprinted bag and am using it right now as I type.

Gimme, gimme, gimme!

We spent a good amount of time over at Denture Thief Productions, one of our local favs (see: here). She has new cameo pins with all one of a kind characters. Swoon! No wonder we didn’t make progress beyond her table for a good while. When I have more $ to spare, I’m going to buy one of her embroidered artworks. Love!

Seriously right? THE darling place to be that weekend!

50 vendors had their wares for sale. I love the Theatre Gallery’s set up. There were about 7 vendors when you first walked in from the main street, then you walked into an entrance way leading to the upstairs of the theatre space, where you then went down the stairs to the remaining vendors. Real cozy and intimate handmade haven.

Just to highlight a few of my(our) favs. Bespoke Uprising does beautiful hand printed textile goods. We were in love with her Burlesque teatowels, even more so when she told us she used to work at a Burlesque place so they were a bit of a tribute to that time! I couldn’t think of anybody who would appreciate tea towels with this design, so I’m going to have to eventually buy these for myself. At least she sells them on her Etsy shop so I know it’s not the end of the world that I missed out on buying them.

Beside Herself had these fantastic wooden switchblades that had working parts. Well, obviously couldn’t cut, but the blade came out. The bigger versions had different painted designs, while the necklace ones were smaller and etched. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the necklace versions on hand that day, but I shall get my grubby mitts on of them one day! Etsy shop here.

Petit Flaneur sells hand-crafted children’s products (mobiles, clocks, pins, earrings etc.). Aren’t those wooden tags in the pic below amazing and beautiful? The photos don’t really do them justice. I think these were a hot item that weekend. I snapped up a set for my friend’s newborn. They’re made with non-toxic paint! I also scored a sweet quirky radish pin (her last one)! Such a lovely lady who also had the cutest little helpers that day.

I have been a fan of Pin Pals ever since I saw their sweet goods in a shop in Montreal. I love cross stitch things, so their stuff was right up my alley. Lucky for me and you, they also have an Etsy shop where you can snap up their lovely work. If you’re in Toronto, they also sell their goods at Magic Pony.  The girls at Pin Pals craft all sorts of neat things like cross-stitched earrings, pins, , barrettes, necklaces, buttons, paper puppets with fun characters like “Minou Mondain”, stuffed dolls, cards…Wow! I was really smitten by the dolls. They had the coolest lace stockings designed on them.

My favourite magazine, Frankie, all the ways from Australia, showcased LOCAL talent (yay!) Lee Meszaros‘ amazing merit badges and THIS is how I first heard of her. Then I think the “cat was out of the bag” (hahaha…) and from then on she was in a bit of treasuries and making Etsy FP. Full of idioms, wonderful artwork and careful stitching, these are truly handcrafted items! Now you can actually wear what you are proudly for the world to see. Reward someone you know for “being the best thing since sliced bread” or “making lemons out of lemonade” (amongst many things). Shop here.

It was a fun day out full of cool finds and inspiration. Sorry we couldn’t feature all the fine crafters who were present. Thanks to the City of Craft organizers and their hard work!

~ YY

Last Days of Summer – GIVEAWAY

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

We’re entering half-time here at MLSS and we’re ever grateful for our 2.5 readership, so as a small thank you, we’re having our very first GIVEAWAY!!

You’ll get the items below shown in the pics. A sweet item from each of our shops! A sweet ice cream cone necklace from PS I Heart You, and an ice cream cone and a popsicle pin-back button from Cunning & Crafty.

It’s very simple to enter. Just post a comment here telling us your favourite ice cream flavour. If you tweet or blog about it, please comment back here with the link or your twitter name. From the comments, your name will be entered in a draw.

The Winner will be picked on Saturday October 9th EST evening using

Thank you and good luck!

YY and Lurgs

** This contest is now closed! Thanks everyone for participating!**

Picnic days

Thursday, July 8th, 2010


Sarah Lauren Photography

Ok let’s not kid ourselves. With this heatwave, I’d rather be sitting in a dark room with air-con, icy beverage in hand, and preferably moving as little as possible.
That being said, I can’t wait for it to cool down to have a perfect picnic day. Here are some things that I’d like to use for when that day comes…~yy


 Although I’ll match the picnic blanket with this darling dress from the greedy seagull, it’s kind of worth it!


 A lovely picnic hamper to store all our utensils: Jingle Dingle Dangle , which conveniently doubles as a…


 Something to keep our drinks cool: Monichelles


Plates for our yummys: Opustdf


Things to drink out of: Red Comb Vintage


Something to lie on: Islay Makes



Maybe not entirely necessary but cute nonetheless: B. Inspired



More pics of Brooklyn’s Renegade Craft Fair

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Apologies for the late pics, navigating through Photoshop is kind of tough. But having fun with it now. I only use about 5 of the hundreds of tools. Works right? Enjoy the pics! I’ve tried to remember and include links to items I took pics with…for those I missed, I apologize, but please let me know so I can link!

I noticed that lots of people used bunting to decorate their booths/tents. It was bunt-tastic!


1) Buttons: ? 2) Posters: Strawberry Luna, 3) Clocks: Urban Posture, 4) Stuffies: ?,  5) This letter writing service looked interesting! 6) Prints: Sycamore Street Press



1) Necklaces: Cursive design, 2) Wood designs: Enormous Champion, 3) Superhero outfits: Little Hero Capes



1) Cross-stitch: Chez Sucre Chez, 2) Jewelry: Skylark Studio



1) & 2) Plushkill: Cherrybox Studios, 3) T-shirts: Gnome Enterprises, 4) Pencils: Paper Pastries, 5) Chalkboard bunting: ?, 6) Life as usual in the middle of the Renegade, 7) & 8 Stuffies etc: Kate Durkin, 9) Wooden apples: Miss Natalie



1), 2), & 3) Handpainted Russian dolls: {and my favourite the Luchador ones!} BoBo BaBushka, 4) The band, 5) & 6) Mushroom topiaries: Life With Tigers, 7) Around, 8 & 9) Stationary, plush, totes: Allison Cole



Since Etsy was one of the sponsors, it had a booth giving away lovely buttons of buttons and letterpress cards. They also held a raffle.

Now I never win anything, so imagine my surprise when I got an email from Simone over at Etsy saying I won a raffle!!! It totally made my week.

Check out my spoils:


I hope you found some new shops to love. I know I have! Until next time…yy



Summer ’10 Shop Trade Guide @ oh hello friend

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Danni over at oh hello friend has once again put together a wonderful trade guide on her blog. This time around, Lurgs and I are participating…our shops made the list of additional shops! We’re all for bartering etc. so give us a shout if you’re up for a trade!

Cunning and Crafty

ps. i heart you

Renegade Craft Fair: Brooklyn 2010

Sunday, June 20th, 2010

So. The Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair was 2 weeks ago. Yes, that’s right. So much for efficiency and all that. Anyway, here it is. I obviously had to share my amazing experience with you and the talented people I met!

I was very lucky to have been in Brooklyn during the Renegade. It was my last weekend in NYC and what a way to end my stay! This was a dream. Started off with a nice brunch with some lovely ladies across the park then headed over for some financial damage. The weather was a bit unfortunate. But although it was calling for rain, it never really happened. Just crazy winds that kept blowing vendors’ things away!

I guess I’ll start with the people I bought stuff from and the order we saw them in. First up was Ink and Wit. I love cards. I love letterpress cards. And Tara behind Ink and Wit had beautiful designs! Lots of darling animals. In addition to her cards, she had totes, prints, stamp sets, and linen tea towels! I wish I could have bought one of each. I envisioned her alphabet poster framed in my unborn child’s room…too bad I don’t have any preggar friends at the moment. Anyhow, I had a nice chat with Tara. She was saying how she had recently done the National Stationary show. I’m sure she got some large orders because she is really lovely and talented. Check out her stuff online!

Me @ the lovely Ink and Wit tent

Next up, my sister and I stopped by Colleen Heineman’s table. She sells wonderful hand cut sterling silver pieces. Amongst some cool knot designs, chair silhouettes, teeth, botanical earrings, and other lovelies, we spied a cool hammerhead shark piece which we both ended up getting!

Who doesn’t love an arty guy? Especially one with a pretty cool name like Regan Smith Clarke. It has a nice ring to it then say…Yvonne Yee. So why not combine it with some designing talent and share it by creating a label of t-shirts and prints? That’s what Regan Smith Clarke’s done and you’ll love him for it. Why? Because his vintage-inspired designs are pretty cool. His brother was on hand to help out at the fair and what friendly guys they are! This Russian doll print that I got is a perfect addition to my Russian doll collection. How sweet is the design with the skeleton in it? Check out his online shop here.

P.S. he wasn’t named after the president. So consider that a question checked off if you ever get a chance to meet him!

Another artist’s table we stopped at was Kate Sutton.

Kate’s from the UK and made the trip over for the fair. I thought that was pretty cool and inspiring. I love Kate’s stuff! She had prints, stuffed animals, stuffed gingerbread men that looked like parts were eaten, cuckoo clocks, badges, totes, and little coin purses. I particularly loved her Alpaca character which I bought in a tote as well as in badges. And also her Yosemite Park inspired designs. I think I went back to her table twice so I could pick up something for my sister-in-law too. She’s really lovely to chat with! I can’t wait to buy more of her things. She has an Etsy shop here.

I took a ton of photos at the Renegade…but I think I’m going to do another post on that. Just wanted to first write about a few cool, talented, and friendly people I met while there! Please check out their stuff online.

Another cool thing about the Renegade Craft Fair was the awesome free photo booth that Magbooth Co. set up there. I noticed that this is something that is popping up at many events like weddings, craft fairs, graduations, festivals etc. Awesome promotional idea for Magbooth!

More photos of Renegade to come…


Brooklyn Charm

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

145 Bedford Ave (N. 9th Entrance)

I spent the last week in NYC, spending the majority of the time with my sister in Brooklyn. Besides being a great trip overall, I met my first Etsy connection in real life…

Tracie from Epoch beads! In the past, throughout our Etsy conversations, I had such a good feeling from this lovely lady. I always thought, “she’s so friendly!” and “I love her shop!”. I was pleased to discover that Tracie is just as lovely in person. Her Etsy shop, Epoch beads is a wonderful source for jewelry supplies. And has a great following! Tracie has a fantastic assortment of vintage and contemporary supplies for all your jewelry/crafting needs at great prices. When I heard that she had opened a brick and mortar shop, I made sure it was one of my destinations during my stay in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Charm is a really awesome space right in the heart of Williamsburg. You can buy charms there, design your own necklace, and even purchase one of Tracie’s own special creations! It’s definitely a convenient and fun idea for those wanting to experiment with designing their own pieces and doing the handiwork or…not, and having one of the staff do it instead. Having choices is all part of the experience.

There are also workshops available and the staff is really friendly and ready to help when needed, so what more could you ask for? The next time you’re feeling creative or thinking of buying gifts for someone or even yourself, go to Brooklyn Charm! This is definitely the place to be.


Lots of ready made lovely products to buy!

Charm heaven

Work table area

Very very nice

Tracie! And her editorial pieces. Oh la la!

The Moustache Effect

Monday, May 31st, 2010

There’s something about moustaches…Probably a year or so ago, there was this moustache necklace trend…but it didn’t seem to “blow up”. And what I mean by blow up, is seeing knock offs in chain stores. Or maybe it did, and I didn’t pay attention. I try not to think about Lindsey Lohan having a moustache necklace. Anyway, I like moustaches. Here are a collection of items that caught my eye. Enjoy.


P.S. For all those owl/deer haters. I can understand why you might not like moustaches because of their oversatuation…but I didn’t do this post to try to jump on the “trend” wagon…I just think they’re funny. So haha.

Tangible Worldwide's framed art

Paisley Magic's Retro Moustache tote

Paisley Magic's Retro Moustache tote

Uptown Avenue's Upcycled Modern Stacking Mustache Espresso Mugs

Avril Loreti's Moustache Hankies

Melanie Favreau's just under your nose...moustache necklace

Idle Hands Designs' whimsical moustache ring