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Les Concerts À Emporter

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

I stumbled across these a while ago while link-hopping through youtube and  eating up various Vampire Weekend videos. These are video podcasts from the french site La Blogotheque. These Take-Away Shows was an idea founded by indie-director Vincent Moon. Each week they’d invite artist to be recorded casually in some local area like a park or cafe along with all the ambient sounds and curious people. Usually they’re stripped down to basic instruments, maybe some sticks, maybe some garbage cans and a nice fence to run a stick over. The talent is so evident in all these videos. No ceremony, just people doing something they love wherever they are with what they have. Check out the collection here.

The first video that got my attention.

Sigur Ros is always magical.

This just reinforces my need for a melodica.

~ Lurgs