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RIP Paul the Octopus

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

Dear Paul,

So sad to hear you’ve passed. I had high hopes of you retiring in sunny Barcelona. I was a late believer, but you brought a small bit of tentacular joy to the football frenzy. Who’s crazy idea was it anyways to put these flags in your tank? Thanks for the free drinks and the good times. May the people of Spain shed a tear as they bite into their calamari sandwiches.

Love Lurgs.

In honour of Paul, I’ll give away a Paul pin or magnet to 3 lucky winners if you’ll leave a 4 line “Ode to Paul” in the comments. I’ll pick the top 3 on Nov. 6th. You’ll get the choice of Paul on green, El Pulpo Paul (Spanish edition), or Deutsche Paul (not shown, but will be similar to the one on the right except with black, red and yellow bands). Cheers to Paul!

Here’s the Paul the Octopus song by Parry Gripp:

** Thanks to Mack and Beka for honouring Paul! You will both receive all 3 octopi in your choice of format! **