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The Regional Assembly of Text

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

When I was in Vancouver a while ago, my aunt took us to an awesome store…behold!! The Regional Assembly of Text!

The store was opened in 2005 by Rebecca and Brandy, both graduates of Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design.  I loved the whole look of the store with the numerous filing cabinets, typewriters and so much great stationery! There was also a little nook aka. The Lowercase Gallery that housed an artist exhibit.

They also hold a monthly letter writing club on the first Thursday of each month (supplies provided!). With all their cute cards and note papers, you’ll be inspired to write to friends near and far. Hurray for snail mail! So definately check them out if you’re ever in the neighbourhood or you can shop online on their website.

Regional Assembly of Text
3934 Main St. Vancouver BC

*Also, for those in Toronto, the Magic Pony also stocks some of their products. I was there browsing one day and recognized the logo at once…huzzah!! Like unexpectedly seeing a friend half-way across the world (ok, across the country). Anyways, a delightful surprise and good for us locals.

Stationery Store Collection: O-Check Design Graphics

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

The first time I came across o-check design graphics’ items was in Australia. I was at the Source on Queen Street in Melbourne and saw the cutest decorative tape! It’s clear but with a white “lace” print. I quickly noticed other cute o-check items like a stamp kit and some notebooks. I love finding new and fun stationery! And o-check ticks all the right boxes. Vintage-inspired? Check. Classic, clean designs? Check. Quality? Check. How about environmentally friendly? Check! Almost all of the items are made from soy ink and biodegradable glue, and a range of recycled and found papers. I like the small details they add to some of their items. Like the small cloth bits stitched onto their notepads.

Or how about this sweet “Library Card” journal?

The company was established in 2000 in Seoul, Korea and has quickly developed a reputation for stationery that is lovely and functional. Upon looking into o-check some more online, I came across some living and accessory items! It may seem the best way to get o-check items is through your specialty stationery/book shops. Basically places that carry various stationery items in small batches. I know that in Melbourne, besides the Source, Mag Nation, and Little Salon carries their products. But if you’re willing to deal with shipping charges and are keen on it, there’s actually this really fabulous shop called Notemaker (the sister shop to the Source) that apparently ships worldwide AND carries a bevy of cute things including o-check items! I actually found an o-check notepad at Anthropologie the other day (further proof that Anthropologie has some killer buyers working for them), so you can always keep an eye out there.

There’s a website in English, however, the online shop on the page leads to their shop in Korean. At least you can look through the nice pictures! There’s also a “wallpaper” link that is actually a wallpaper calendar with their designs, hence the leading picture in this blog with the girls and geese (for April). It’s all about the details friends, and o-check has it in spades!


Stationery stores collection: kikki.K

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Founded in Melbourne, Australia, nine years ago by Kristina Karlsson, kikki.K is a Swedish fashion stationery that has stores all over Australia with shops also in New Zealand and one in Singapore. I’ve been to Australia three times, but it was only my third and most recent trip that I actually stepped in and browsed around the store. Well I’m glad I did. Being a lover of stationary, I was hooked! How can you not love Swedish design? There’s something about it that is colourful, classic, and very special. kikki.K is all about the collections. Each comes and goes, so it’s really important to grab what you like while you can! There’s always a new design of something that is holiday-inspired (i.e, Valentine’s Day, Christmas) or just…inspired.

Here are just a few items that I enjoy. I hope that you check out the shop all you stationery lovers! It will surely be on your go-to list when you head over to the Asia-Pacific next :)


Wooden Magnetic Pegs (5 Pk): Host $9.95AUD

Canvas Pencil Case: Host $14.95AUD

Canvas Tote Bag: Love Mail, $9.95AUD

DIY Sticker Book: Love Mail, $19.95AUD

Sticky Tape (3 Pk): Cykel, &6.95AUD