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WVRST: get your sausage on

Monday, July 11th, 2011

So I’ve been hearing about this place and thought I needed to check it out ASAP because I love me some sausages. Getting there turned out to be a royal pain in the ass because there was so much construction going on downtown and part of King St. was closed down for a movie production…ANYHOW, summer is construction season, so if you can, take TTC peeps.

You can’t miss WVRST with its bright red signs outside the black building. Upon entering, I was impressed by their open space; with communal tables and benches and a bar at one end. What I loved most was the subway style wall on one end and the string of lights throughout the ceiling that gave it a kind of festive/celebratory vibe. We went around lunchtime and it was surprisingly kind of empty. But I suspect they do most of their business at night.

I ordered the duck sausage with caramelized onions and sweet peppers, while Jeff got the venison (he wanted kangaroo but they were out!) with sauerkraut and sweet peppers. We also ordered a pint of Beau’s and Grand River and shared some duck fat fries. As you can see from the pic, my bun was pretty burnt…way more than I liked…but aside from that, I really enjoyed the sausage! Was very filling (as you would imagine a rich meat like duck would be)…and I tried a bit of Jeff’s venison which was delish! The fries were pretty tasty and you get 2 dipping sauces. We got the WVRST spicy and the maple/rosemary for a bit of sweet. The maple/rosemary was too oily and I would not get it again.

Since we ordered game meat, it was a couple of dollars more than the “regular” sausages but totally worth it I think. Our bill was $44 before tip. I’ve read some mixed reviews referring to the price…but I mean this isn’t your street meat sausage stand! I think the beer list is pretty extensive and for the most part comparable to other restaurants’ prices (though if I can get Hitachino Nest for $3.50 at the LCBO, I think I’ll pass on the $6.50 mark up).

And personally, I think it’s nice to tip them in the jar at the front (which was sadly pretty empty). There are people who come out and serve you your food, clean up, and ask how the food is…so don’t let the ordering cafeteria style be your excuse for skimping on tipping! I’m definitely coming again, beer and sausage, you can’t go wrong. ~yy

p.s. WVRST you need to add cheese to your toppings. CHEESE PLEASE!


Metric in Toronto

Monday, August 9th, 2010

Metric had a free concert here in Toronto last week right outside Union Station. As it was a long day at work, I only meandered over in time to catch the last song. Though Metric is a great band, I’m kind of glad I wasn’t caught in the middle of the crowd especially in the humidity that we’ve been experiencing. Even approaching the edge of the audience to snap this picture was like entering a sauna.

I first got acquainted with Metric with “Combat Baby” blasting through my headphones during late nights at the computer lab.  They’ve come a long way and keep getting better I think.

Here’s an interview with Emily Haines and a piano version of “Help, I’m Alive!”.  It’s a testament to a great song that can be just as powerful stripped down to the bare essentials as it is in full on kickass band version.  Also, it’s comforting to know that even the talented and successful struggle with direction and creativity.  It speaks to my own stage in life and a lot of other people I know too, who are searching and on the brink of making some decisions to shake things up in their lives. Maybe it’s time to book a flight to Buenos Aires!

Summerlicious at Mildred

Monday, July 12th, 2010

It’s that time of the year again where restaurants whip up set lunch/dinner menus at fixed prices ($15/20/25 – lunch, $25/35/45 – dinner) in a bid to attract customers. It’s Summerlicious! Lurgs has already started off with her attendance at Nyood, so I’ll just continue on from there…

So I haven’t completely given up on Summerlicious. But I truly believe it’s a hit-or-miss. I wonder how restaurants are chosen for it because I’ve seen some menus that leave little to the imagination. I could be wrong but I thought the whole point of Summerlicious was to offer customers a “taste” of what makes the restaurant so great so that in future, you’d be willing to spend the extra $ once the special is over. Well I can definitely tell you from Winterlicious, “Conviction” was a huge disappointment and I will never go back there again. But I digress.

Today we went to Mildred’s and braved the pitter patter of rain out in the patio. I’ve already been to Mildred’s before, so I do know that I like the restaurant.  To start, I had the Lobster Tortilla Soup. I thought it was pretty decent. Tangy, with bits of lobster chunks and avocado, it was served at room temperature. For my main, I had the Chicken Pot Pie with fresh beet salad. I thought it was quite tasty, with a generous portion of chicken and veg, and tasty pastry (my sister wished there was more pastry). However, I thought the broth could’ve been more thicker and I’m not sure where the beets were in my salad. For dessert, I had the Mildred’s Classic Profiteroles with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream. Delish! I think this was my favourite of the three. Oh and also the cheddar biscuits served at the beginning were so flaky and scrumptious!

Overall, for $20, I thought it was well worth it and so did my one sister and brother. Although my other sister would’ve preferred to have spent that money elsewhere. So there you have it. 3 out of 4. ~yy

Cheddar biscuits

Lobster Tortilla Soup

Chicken Pot Pie with Fresh Beet Salad

Mildred’s Classic Profiteroles with Lindt milk chocolate ice cream

Rough and tumble lemon meringue

Summer berry bread pudding

Banksy Sighting!

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

British artist Banksy hit up some Toronto streets this past weekend and we found one of his rats on our coffee break. Sadly, most of them have been painted over already.  Boo…why can’t we just let nature take it’s course like all the other street art? Here’s some shots of other Banksy works in TO.

~ Lurgs