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Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition 2011

Friday, July 8th, 2011

It’s that time again! Arm yourselves with sunglasses and some water and check out the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition at Nathan Phillips Square this weekend. It’s a scorcher out there! The show seems a bit smaller this year, perhaps due to the construction at city hall, and they’re not using the full lawn area, but still quite a bit to see. It’s on Fri. and Sat. from 10:30am – 7:30pm. and Sun. from 10:30am. – 6:30pm. I had the chance to run through quickly today and here are a few things that caught my eye (sorry, I gravitate towards the plush and sewn).

The Fierce Bunnies by Sonja Ahlers are incredibly cute,  handsewn bunnies made from deconstructed vintage sweaters. They go through an intricate process and nothing goes to waste! They seem calm and quiet, but somehow I feel I don’t want to wake these bunnies. You can see more of Sonja’s work on her website:  I’ve also seen her work before at the Magic Pony shop and bunnies are also available on her etsy store.

I also liked the animal busts at the Felt Factory by Sabine Alpers. All the animals are all patiently needle felted from wool.

And one of our blog favourites, Amanda Ho of Denture Thief Productions is also at the show. She has many of the items we’ve featured previously plus new elephants! Love the embroidery details on all the elephants, making them each unique. She also has a new website so check out her stuff:

Wish I had more time to spend at the show, but hope this little preview leads you to check out all the artists there! ~ Lurgs

Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July 9 – 11th

Saturday, July 24th, 2010

The Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition is a yearly summer event that takes place at Nathan Phillips Square. It features artists from a variety of disciplines from painting, drawings, print, photography, sculpture, jewelry, glass work, crafts, crazy sock creatures, you name it! I only had a chance this year to quickly run through the square, so here are a few artists that caught my eye. It’s great to discovery all this inspiration and talent.


First thing I was drawn to was this guy sitting proudly by a painting.

This is the work of art collective AT.AW. who “actively promote urban play with DIY mass-produced series of artwork”. I love the textures and patterns in their painted pieces and their Orphans Plush are awesome! I picked myself up one of their cute little Twee Trees figures and felt bad for the ones that had fallen beyond the fence into the construction zone. Hopefully they were all recovered at the end of the show.

AT.AW. will be at the Big On Bloor Festival this weekend and the Queen West Art Crawl at Trinity Bellwoods on Sept. 18 & 19th. Also the Orphans Plush are available at various Toronto locales and soon on their etsy site.

Shannon Gerard

I saw Shannon Gerard’s cacti and thought “how clever!! perfect for the horticulturally challenged”. Not only is Shannon a crochet master, but a wonderful illustrator as you can see from her booklets. She’s also the illustrator for the  graphic novel “Sword of Mouth” and the creator for her own series “Hung”. You can get your own plushtache or another goody at her etsy shop.

Shuyu Lu

The Best in Fibre award this year went to Shuyu Lu. Her use of print and embroidery is very creative and I like her use of a kind of old technique in embroidery and nostalgic imagery combined with a modern aesthetic. The layering of the print and stitching also gives a great feeling of dimension.

Thanks to everyone for allowing me to share their work here! Sorry I couldn’t get to all the great artists featured at the show. ~ Lurgs